Maintenance and services

Our specialists advise and support you when it comes to organising and putting in place your maintenance strategy. As each facility is unique, you benefit from personalised solutions which we implement with you, combining both expertise, project management, advice and training for your staff.
We propose the contractual arrangements best suited to your expectations and the framework of the project, whether it be a commitment in terms of the resources provided or a guarantee of results.

Optimise your maintenance strategy :

Maintenance engineering

  • Consultancy and audit services
  • Maintenance master plan
  • Maintenance study and plan 
  • Reporting and progress plan 
  • Operating safety
  • Integrated Logistic Support


Management and operation

  • Assistance in running the facilities
  • Operating the systems


Repair / rebuilding work

Diagnosis and surveillance

  • Diagnostic of the equipment
  • CAMM


Maintenance operations

  • Power & lighting
  • Communications 
  • Mechanics
  • Instrumentation
  • Hydraulics
  • Piping
  • Lubrication
  • Security installations 
  • CTM, TBM
  • Measuring systems
  • Test facilities
  • Means of production
  • Tooling and equipment 
  • HV and MV substations


Inspection, calibration