Big projects


Process lead contractor

From design to commissioning, our centre of expertise brings together experienced experts to carry out your turnkey projects, whether they involve new works, retrofitting, improvement or compliance work.

Our expertise in process engineering ensures:

  • technical coherence
  • standardization
  • the maintainability of your facilities for all of the instrumentation techniques, electricity, monitoring & control, piping and mechanization

From the design to the qualification of your laboratory equipment

Our centre of expertise has the necessary skills to perform design and qualification work on your laboratory facilities, manufacturing workshops or clean utilities.

To do so, our teams support you from when your needs are expressed right up to performing test and qualifications

  • Development laboratories
     - Production skid
  • Manufacturing workshops
     - Bulk manufacturing
     - Formulation, distribution
     - Biotechnologies
  • Clean utilities
     - SIP / CIP
     - Purified water, pure steam, clean gas distribution networks
     - Purified water production skid


Our solutions meet the BPF/FDA requirements

Multi-make and multi-technical preventive and corrective maintenance

Our experts offer you multi-make and multi-technical maintenance solutions, dedicated to your apparatus and equipment. Trained by the leading makers, they advise full independently and support you in organising and implementing your maintenance strategy.

Organising and supervising your maintenance

  • Studies and methods, maintenance plan, operating ranges
  • Implementation of technical office, store management...
  • Definition of indicators and dashboards
  • Feedback management, progress plan
  • Supervision and management of partners and subcontractors
  • Implementation, monitoring and management of resources
  • CAMM
  • Technical assistance and training
  • Vibratory diagnosis, analysis of electrical currents and infra-red thermography


The Clemessy Group’s maintenance offers cover all types of equipment for the overall maintenance of your fleet of laboratory equipment:

  • Liquid and gas chromatographies
  • Centrifuges
  • Autoclaves
  • PSM, climatic and thermostatic enclosures

We also cater for the maintenance of your means of production and associated utilities

  • Means of production: autoclaves, incubators, etc...
  • Distribution and conditioning lines
  • Utility distribution networks: water loops, HVAC, ATU, etc