Big projects


  • You provide us with the following :

    Technical data :

    • The overall layout plan of the site with the location of the various buildings
    • Type of power plant (high head, lake, low head)
    • Type of generator set and turbine (Francis Kaplan, Pelton, Bulbe, Banki)
    • Number of gen sets in each type
    • Gen set manufacturer
    • Electrical data (power, a.c. generator voltage, excitation voltage and current, operation in island network)
    • Mechanical data (rotation speed, type of speed control, flow curves)

    Standardisation and contractual data :

    • Applicable standards (IEC or others)
    • The contract’s contractual data (commercial and legal terms and conditions)
    • Suppliers or subcontractors imposed or qualified

    Project completion schedulet

  • Our engineering and design :

    Design engineering

    • HV substation
    • Alternating current low-voltage distribution
    • Direct current low-voltage distribution
    • Protection drawings
    • Monitoring & control and electrical protection of the hydroelectric generators
    • Speed control of the hydroelectric generators
    • Voltage control of the hydroelectric generators
    • Monitoring & control of the hydroelectric plant
    • Functional analysis of the control, supervision and monitoring software

    Project Management

    Definition studies, technical purchase specification

    Detail engineering
    All types of detailed electrical diagrams, installation and connection drawings, design directive drawings for civil works – PLC programming and SCADA

    Setting electrical protections, cable cross sectional areas, earthing circuits, illumination

    Engineering, supply, factory tests, transportation, works on site, tests & commissioning on site

    Drafting the operating and maintenance manuals

  • We supply you with the following :
    • High-voltage switchyard up to 400 kV (circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, CT, VT, busbars, support frames, lightning arresters, line traps, etc.)
    • Standby generators
    • Power transformers and auxiliaries
    • Distribution boards for the ac auxiliaries
    • Distribution boards for the dc auxiliaries
    • Generator monitoring & control and protection cabinets
    • Speed controller
    • Voltage controller
    • HV, MV, power and monitoring & control, fibre optic cables etc...
    • Earth cables, cable tray, lightning protection
    • Plant control room
    • Communication network, oscilloperturbography
    • Communications equipment : video, access control, anti-intrusion, telephone

A concrete example

The EDF power plant at La Coche (Savoie -French Alps)

Complete overhaul of the power plant

  • A.C. auxiliaries
  • D.C. auxiliaries
  • Monitoring & control system for 4 generators (80 MVA reversible pump-turbine)
  • Hardware and software equipment
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    The challenge :

    The La Coche power station is PSPS (Pumped Storage Power Station). The turbines and pump are started in automatic back-to-back mode.

    Requirements fulfilled :

    • Project Management
    • Organisation of the engineering by trade : dedicated teams for :
      - Electricity distribution
      - Monitoring & control
      - Software
      - Protections
      - Co-ordination of the trades by expert in hydro-installations


    Setting up a specific test and simulation platform for the units programmed.

    Worth noting :

    • Complete generator designed and built
    • The other 3 are designed and built after feedback from experience of the first one