Big projects

Gas odorisation & counting

  • You provide us with the following :

    Technical data :

    • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams
    • Functional manuals
    • Specific characteristics of the THV (tetrahydrothiophene, enabling gas odorisation)
    • Level of availability and security required for the monitoring and control facilities
    • Type of communications for the monitoring and control system
    • Requirements in terms of man-machine interface (MMI)
    • Overall layout plan of the site

    Standardisation and contractual data :

    • Contractual data (commercial, legal terms and conditions, completion schedule) and applicable standards (including IEC 61508 standard)
    • Suppliers or subcontractors imposed or qualified

    Project completion schedule

  • Our engineering and design :

    Design engineering

    • Distribution single-line diagram, balance of power, flowsheets, installation and connection drawings, routing drawings, sheath drawings …
    • Functional analyses and systems design
    • Programming and simulating the PLC purpose-built programmes in workshop
    • Technical specification of the instrumentation
    • Preparing the operation and maintenance manuals

    Project Management

    Definition studies, technical purchase specification

    Cross sectional areas of the cables, adjusting the electrical protections, illumination, Security level (LIS)

    Engineering, supply and procurement, factory tests, transportation, works on site, tests and commissioning


    Training the operating and maintenance personnel

  • We supply you with the following :
    • Current distribution systems (direct, undulating, battery charger)
    • Distribution cabinets, PLC cabinets, cables, earth cables, cable trays
    • Communication network
    • Automation and monitoring & control equipment (supervision, network, PLCs and local MMIs)
    • Instrumentation equipment (Annubars probes, pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, analysis equipment …), manufacturing stainless piping, compressed air…
    • Instrumentation equipment (Solenoid valves specifically for the application, mass flow meters, pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, analysis equipment …).

A concrete example

GRTgaz Plant in Obergailbach, point where the gas from Russia enters France
Construction of a new plant handling the supply capacities required by GRTgaz for the north-east route (2.8 million m3/hr).

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    The challenge :

    • Designing and building the electrical, instrumentation and monitoring & control facilities, in line with the contractual deadlines and the constraints of a site in operation.
    • Ensure a fully reliable start-up with no possible return, for a facility supplying on average 15% of the gas on the French market. .

    Requirements fulfilled :

    • Project Management
    • Engineering carried out by trade (LV electricity, communications, automated systems, instrumentation, mechanics)
    • Design and building the installations (installation, wiring, integration)
    • Carrying out the commissioning using the methodological tool OPERCOMM

    Worth noting :

    • This contract was classified as sensitive as the odorisation of the gas is a necessity to allow it to enter France (gas does not naturally smell at all)). The gas is not odorised during its transportation phase over the border in Germany. Therefore when the gas enters France, GRTgaz are obliged to odorise it.
    • An odorisation failure at the Obergailbach plant would have resulted in the risk of interrupting the gas supply. The Obergailbach plant accounts on average for 15% of the supply of gas on the French market (up to 60% of French consumption in terms of capacity).