Big projects

Diesel - light and heavy fuel oil

  • You provide us with the following :

    Technical data :

    • The overall layout plan of the site with the location of the various buildings and mechanical equipment
    • The scope of work carried out by the mechanic, the civil engineer and the electrician
    • List of the consumers (Auxiliary Turbines and site common services)
    • General distribution single-line diagram: HV/MV/LV
    • Site environmental constraints (ambient temperature, seismic level, keronic level) and statutory requirements (limiting pollution level, noise, discharges, etc.)
    • Specific technical constraints (equipment’s fire behaviour, maximum short-circuit level, direct current and emergency distribution equipment’s range, fitted spares, etc…
    • Required level of redundancy and automation (fully or semi-automatic)

    Standardisation and contractual data :

    • Applicable standards (IEC or others)
    • The contract’s contractual data (commercial and legal terms and conditions)
    • Suppliers or subcontractors imposed or qualified

    The project completion schedule

  • Our engineering and design :

    Design engineering
    - HV/MV/LV detailed distribution single-line diagram, balance of power, principles of electrical protection, monitoring/control/supervision architecture, optimisation of the technical solutions

    Project management

    Detail engineering
    All types of detailed electrical diagrams, installation and connection drawings, design directive drawings for civil works

    Automation engineering
    Functional analysis, programming, supervision imagery, management of alarms, analyses (histories, trends, etc..), oscilloperturbography

    Cable cross sectional areas, earthing circuits, setting the electrical protections

    Engineering, supply, factory tests, transportation, works on site, tests & commissioning on site

    Setting up a simulator for factory tests (on the basis of software)

    Operating and maintenance manuals

  • We supply you with the following :
    • Power transformers and auxiliaries
    • High-voltage switchyard up to 245 kV (circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, CT, VT, busbars, support frames, lightning arresters, line traps, etc.)
    • Electrical protection boards: ac generators, transformers and switchyard
    • PLCs, servers, communication network, main supervision equipment and switchyard
    • MV/LV Bus ducts, earth cables, power distribution, monitoring & control and fibre optic cables
    • Communications equipment : video, access control, anti-intrusion, telephony
    • MV/LV Distribution boards and lighting distribution and low-power equipment
    • Direct and undulating current distribution systems, battery chargers)
    • Emergency gen sets

A concrete example

Diesel Power Plants in the French Overseas Departments (EDF PEI)

  • Turnkey construction of 3 Diesel power plants, running on heavy fuel-oil, each power plant being equipped with 12 engines (18 MW unit power) – sites: Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, Martinique
  • Contract handled, within the framework of a Consortium, with a Diesel engine manufacturer (MAN) and a Civil Engineering firm (Eiffage)
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    The challenge :

    Building three power plants at the same time on different sites, in line with the contractual deadlines (less than 36 months)

    Requirements fulfilled :

    • Single Project Management for all 3 sites
    • Organisation of the engineering by trade,  dedicated teams for :
      - power & lighting/distribution networks architecture
      - communications
      - monitoring / control /supervision
      - wiring and installation
    • Each team handles the engineering for the 3 sites at the same time (with standardisation and productivity in mind)
    • Use of a joint software platform for the Consortium members (data base)