Big projects

Data center

  • You provide us with the following :

    Technical data :

    • The overall layout plan of the site with the location of the various buildings and mechanical equipment
    • The list of the consumers
    • The acoustic constraints
    • The environmental constraints
    • The lightning protection constraints
    • The electromagnetic compatibility constraints
    • The fire safety constraints (SIS system)
    • The intrusion security and access control constraints
    • The required level of availability and electrical safety and operation
  • Our engineering and design :

    Design engineering

    • Balance of power, HV/LV distribution single-line diagram, operating mode, HVA protection plan, study of the dynamic stability of the internal HVA network, calculation sheets and HVA and LV selectivity study
    • System for synchronisation of the HVA digital protections and oscilloperturbography of all the digital high-voltage protections
    • The buildings’ SIS / CMSI (Fire Safety Central Control) and extinguishing systems
    • Anti-intrusion, access control and video-surveillance systems
    • Centralised technical management (CTM)
    • Functional analyses and systems design
    • Telecom network wiring

    Project Management

    Definition studies, technical purchase specification

    Detail engineering
    Civil engineering guide drawings, collective drawings, overall drawings, mimic diagrams, flowsheets of all types, installation and connection drawings, test sheets

    Setting the HVA and LV electrical protections, sizing the HV and LV conduits, earthing circuit, illumination levels, sizing the cable trays and associated supports.
    Sizing the Ethernet backbones and associated active equipment.

    Summary of all trades, engineering, factory acceptance test for main equipment, transportation and putting in place, works, industrial tests & commissioning

    Drafting the operating and maintenance manuals

  • We supply you with the following :
    • HVA Offtake and distribution substations
    • Direct and undulating current distribution systems (battery chargers)
    • Zero-time gen set auxiliaries environment (HP and LP fuel oil, oil, start-up compressed air, cooling circuits of the diesel engines, management cabinets)
    • Power transformers, auxiliaries, homopolar generators
    • Main withdrawable and / or disconnectable distribution boards, secondary distribution boards, modular services boards
    • Low-voltage bus ducts
    • Earthing conductors, lightning protection, cable trays
    • HV, LV cables for power and monitoring / control, fibre optics, backbone, optics / copper wiring for the telecom networks
    • Access control system with badge readers, biometric readers
    • Anti-intrusion surveillance of the buildings and perimeter of the site
    • Video-surveillance inside and outside the buildings
    • Fire detection and safety system
    • Water spray extinguishing system
    • Inertant gas extinguishing system
    • Centralised technical management system
    • Communications and telecom network racks

A concrete example

EDF NOE Computing Centre located in Val de Reuil (France)

  • Building an IT computing centre with high availability (power supply/ tier IV type cooling, energy efficiency / PUE of 1.56, no common mode)
  • The computing centre comprises a logistics building covering 1500m², 2 technical buildings, each covering 2,250m², and 2 IT buildings, each covering 4500m².
  • The site is fed by 2 distinct ERDF supply systems with a fully redundant electricity supply
  • High-quality production is ensured by 2 x 4 zero-time gen sets (No Break type) with a unit capacity of 2,500 kVA.
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    The challenge :

    Completion of the electrical installations and grouping together the No Breaks in line with the contractual deadlines (20 months between the service order and handing over).

    Requirements fulfilled :

    • Project Management
    • Organisation of the engineering and works by trade : dedicated teams for :
      - HVA equipment and HV/LV transformers, HVA boards – LV and distribution Boards
      - communications and networks equipment
    • Organisation and co-ordination of the erection works in association with the structural work, finishings and HVAC sections.
    • Organisation and co-ordination of the commissioning in sequenced phases in order to meet the customer’s requirements for the commissioning of the No Breaks.

    Worth noting :
    The deadlines specified in this contract required the implementation of considerable means in order to :

    • Carry out all the summary, design and detail engineering over a period of 8 months
    • Manufacture, take delivery of the main equipment and deliver the first sets of equipment after 4 months after approval of the engineering
    • Perform the erection and commissioning over a period of 8 months after the buildings had been made available